About Us

Who is the Mauti Group?

The Mauti Group has over thirty years of real estate experience and an intimate knowledge and focus of the New Orleans Metropolitan area- both Northshore and Southshore. Our commitment to our long term relationships is paramount to our success.

Locally Owned

We know Louisiana. Our team of agents can pinpoint the location that suits your needs, no matter your goals.

Client Focused

We pride ourselves on being personal, accessible, & committed to each of our clients. At the Mauti Group, fulfilling all your real estate needs is our goal.


We understand that successful real estate starts with a trusting relationship. Our team cares to know you better, so we can serve you better.

Be Our Partner

Whether you are looking for a new home, an investment opportunity, or a space to grow your business, the Mauti Group will bring clarity and collaboration to every decision you make.

Meet your team

Our agents specialize in a variety of client needs including residential, commercial, and investment properties. Meet our team below and find the agent that can help accomplish your goals.

Rich Mauti // Realtor

Rich Mauti grew up in Long Island New York, and lived there until he began a football career at Penn State University. His on-field success at Penn State landed him in New Orleans in 1977. From then until 1983, he was a special teams star for the New Orleans Saints, solidifying his legacy in the Crescent City. Rich’s popularity with the people of New Orleans and his passion for excellence translated to a successful business in real estate.

Rich’s interest in real estate began through his father’s work as a carpenter. Alongside his dad, he gained a love for architectural design. This love for beauty and functionality transitioned naturally into the real estate profession. Rich received his real estate license in 1977 during his time with the New Orleans Saints. In 1989, he started a full-service real estate company. In the last 30 years the company has grown in success, developing into what is known today as the Mauti Group.

Within the company, Rich handles all aspects of commercial real estate. He has a deep love for helping other business owners succeed and seeks to provide them with a location where their company can grow. With over 40 years of real estate experience, Rich’s knowledge creates opportunities for his clients to transform their personal and professional livelihood. Through negotiations between buyers and sellers, he works for to create lucrative transactions that benefit of all parties. His compassion and attention to detail leave a lasting impression on everyone he works with.

Kelli Baumann // Realtor

Kelli specializes in the residential aspects of the Mauti Group. Her primary responsibilities are two-sided, as she is involved with both buying and listing properties. Kelli guides clients through the process of finding their ideal location, whether they are local and looking for a new home, or doing a relocation from states away.

Her love for real estate began at a young age. After being born in Nebraska, Kelli moved twelve times before high school because of her father’s career. These frequent relocations exposed her to the realities of choosing a place to live, and she developed a deep love for all of the consideration that goes into buying a home. Kelli worked with real estate agencies around Louisiana before joining the Mauti Group. Since then, she has relished the opportunity to build trust with her clients, ensuring that they feel secure and cared for throughout their real estate experience.

Theresa Rowe // Realtor

Theresa is a well-respected real estate agent with nearly two decades of experience. She joined The Mauti Group because Rich shares her winning spirit and philosophy of getting deals done in a professional manner for clients. She moved to New Orleans in 1980 and then raised her two sons in Mandeville. She currently lives in New Orleans and runs her business with a unique perspective having lived on the Northshore and the Southshore.

Laurie Thompson // Realtor

Laurie is responsible for both commercial and residential real estate transactions. Through her own experience living in cities around the country, she has learned what makes New Orleans a place like no other. Laurie seeks to impart her knowledge to clients and aims to connect them with real estate opportunities that improve everything from their business to their personal life.

After growing up in Monroe, Louisiana, Laurie obtained her BSN and began a career in the medical field. By working as a travel nurse for seven years, she was exposed to the importance of finding the right location to call home, and the challenges that each city presents for potential residents. Through her success as a nurse and additional experience in medical sales, Laurie’s eyes were opened to the numerous ways she can care for the needs of others. This sense of compassion has translated to her goals as a realtor, where she exhibits an approachable personality and effective communication.